IV Infiltrates – Premature Neonate

IV infiltrates arise when fluid being administered via a catheter into a vein accidentally leak out underneath the skin traumatizing the skin and tissues surrounding the catheter. Many individuals refer the these wounds as IV burns since depending on the fluids being administered (antibiotics, IV nutrition, blood products or other medications) the tissues are injured or “burned”. These injuries are painful and may be associated with multiple complications. Treatment requires aggressive care to carefully remove unhealthy skin and tissue and thereafter provide advanced dressings to simulate growth of new skin within the wound. Dr. Amaya has extensive experience treating these serious injuries in premature infants, children and teens. His techniques and interventions have resulted in excellent outcomes in even the tiniest of patients. The pictures below illustrate how advanced wound dressings and experience result in amazing outcomes.

Please be advised, some photos may feature graphic content

Case 1:

Case 2:

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