Pressure Ulcer – Premature Neonate

Pressure ulcers (also referred to as “bed sores”) arise when a combination of moisture, direct pressure and shear forces result in an open wound on the body. In adults these wounds may arise in the lower back, buttocks and feet and other locations. The severity of the ulcer range from mild redness of the skin to cavitary open wounds extending to the muscle and bone. In infants, pressure ulcers often arise on the back of the head. Special needs children and teens may also develop pressure ulcers due to improperly fitted wheelchairs, orthotics or inappropriate bedding/mattresses. Careful attention to sites known to develop pressure ulcers as well proper bedding and skin care can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers from arising. Dr. Amaya has extensive experience treating pressure ulcers in infant and special needs children. Advanced wound dressings are utilized to clean the wound beds and stimulate closure and healing. The pictures below illustrate infants with pressure ulcers of the posterior head.

Please be advised, some photos may feature graphic content

Case 1:

Case 2: