Treated With Marathon®

Marathon is a liquid skin protectant that will bond to your skin and provide an effective barrier from bodily fluids such as urine, stool, gastric fluid, saliva, blood, etc. Marathon stays on the skin until the dead cells shed off naturally after 1-3 days. It has been an ideal dressing to protect infants skin from severe diaper rash, around tracheostomy collars, G tube buttons and skin tears. It protects the skin from additional hard while allowing the underlying wound to heal from the inside out.

Please be advised, some photos may feature graphic content

Case 1: Infant with severe skin breakdown from diaper rash. Baby failed to improve with other ointments. Skin healed within 3 days with a single application of Marathon.

Case 2: Illustrated examples of safe and effective use of Marathon around G tubes, on extreme premature infants and tracheostomy tubes.