Medically Indicated Laser Hair Removal

Medically indicated laser hair removal is a treatment that can effectively manage or eliminate complications arising from medical conditions present in pediatric patients. At Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, Dr. Amaya and our staff of laser technicians provide medically indicated laser hair removal to pediatric patients, alongside compassionate and supportive care.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

During treatment, hair is exposed hair to quick flashes of laser light to damage the follicles. After the hair follicle has been damaged by a laser treatment, its ability to produce hair will be limited or eliminated completely. Pediatric patients seeking laser hair removal treatments will need to have completed puberty, as hormonal changes can affect hair growth. At Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, we use the Quanta Light 4V laser for our patients undergoing medically indicated laser hair removal.

Treating Pilonidal Cysts and Skin Conditions with Laser Hair Removal

Certain medical conditions have the potential to cause painful and unsightly skin complications when left untreated. At Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, we offer laser hair removal to manage the symptoms of these conditions such as Pilonidal cysts, Hidradenitis, and Folliculitis although patients will still need to seek treatment for the underlying causes of their medical conditions from other qualified professionals.

Pilonidal cysts are abnormal skin growths located at the tailbone that can cause discomfort and lead to infections and skin abscesses. While the exact cause of pilonidal cysts is not well-understood, hair growth is known to play a key factor in their development. Before beginning treatment with us, patients will first have to undergo surgery to remove the cyst with a corresponding surgeon outside of our practice. After surgery, we work with pediatric patients to facilitate their wound care and provide a successful recovery. Once the open wound has healed, we offer laser hair removal to reduce the risk of recurrence by eliminating one of the main factors in pilonidal cyst development.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a medical condition that produces acne-like bumps on the skin, typically around the groin and underarm areas. This condition occurs in locations of frequent movement and can cause pain and discomfort due to continuous skin irritation during activity. The sores and lumps resulting from this medical condition can be embarrassing for pediatric patients and create lasting psychological ramifications when left untreated. Later stages can include disfiguring scars and chronic, open draining wounds or ulcers, which may become quite painful or debilitating. Using laser hair removal, we can treat the symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa by eliminating one of the main causes of the condition.

Folliculitis is a skin condition in which hair follicles become infected and inflamed. Folliculitis is characterized by clusters of small red bumps similar to acne in appearance and can occur anywhere that hair follicles are located. Folliculitis barbae is a type of folliculitis that develops on the skin after shaving. Typically referred to as razor bumps, folliculitis barbae can be a painful and unsightly condition that can occur on a regular basis after shaving highly-visible areas of the body such as the face and neck. Using laser hair removal, we can target problem hair follicles to prevent folliculitis conditions from developing in the future.

Treating Excessive Hair Growth from Hormonal Imbalances

At Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, we help pediatric patients control and eliminate excessive and unwanted hair growth resulting from hormonal imbalances. Patients interested in laser hair removal will still need to seek outside treatment to manage their hormonal imbalances, but we can help them address the hair-related complications that arise as a result.

Hirsutism is a condition that produces male pattern hair growth in women due to a high level of male hormones called androgens. Excess hair growth resulting from hirsutism commonly occurs on the chest, face or back. Using laser hair removal, we can target the unwanted hair caused by this condition. While hirsutism is not typically a medically concerning condition, it can have long-lasting consequences for pediatric patients due to the low self-esteem that often results from the embarrassment. Managing excess hair growth for female pediatric patients can provide peace of mind and offer them a sense of renewed confidence.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age that causes a range of complications and undesirable effects, including excessive hair growth. When hirsutism resulting from PCOS develops, we can treat the excess hair using laser hair removal. It is important to note, however, that patients will still need to seek treatment from a qualified professional outside of Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists to manage their hormonal imbalance.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery

Laser hair removal is a relatively comfortable and simple procedure that can eliminate hair growth in a targeted area after a series of appointments. The necessary amount of laser treatments will depend on the location and amount of the targeted hair. Most patients require anywhere from six to eight sessions to receive optimal results from their laser hair removal treatments, although each individual is unique and the number of treatments vary.

Appointments are typically quick, although they will last longer if the patient requires a large amount of hair loss or has multiple areas that necessitate treatment. Common side effects of treatment include skin irritation, redness, mild swelling and discomfort in the targeted areas that lasts up to several hours. Occasionally, temporary changes in skin pigmentation can occur, although our laser treatments are safe for all skin types.

Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists

At Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, our staff is specially trained to work with pediatric patients. We encourage parents and family members to stay by their child’s side during appointments to promote a supportive and calm atmosphere, while our staff does everything possible to ensure your child experiences as comfortable a treatment as possible. If you would like to learn more about our laser hair removal services and how we can help your child manage or eliminate their ongoing medical conditions, then call us today at 713-464-9776 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amaya.