Pediatric Wound Care

Treating pediatric wounds requires a different approach than tending to wounds in adults, and Dr. Amaya knows how to best approach pediatric wound care due to his specialized training and education in pediatrics. Modern wound care has advanced greatly to provide less pain during treatment and less scarring following treatment, but wounds still pose a large risk to children during such a vulnerable period of life. Working in pediatric wound care is Dr. Amaya’s top priority, and he employs the latest in medical developments to ensure his patients and their families receive the best experience possible.

General Trauma or Injury Care

Children tend to suffer from their fair share of scrapes, bumps and bruises, but sometimes injuries require more than a simple bandage. Dr. Amaya routinely treats serious injuries resulting from sports, bicycle accidents, car accidents, falls, animal bites and burns of a wide variety. When injuries occur, Dr. Amaya provides non-critical treatment that focuses on healing the patient in the best manner possible. Helping children and their families recover from these traumatic events and return to normal activities is what Dr. Amaya and his staff do best.

Surgery Wound Care

When incisions and other wounds from surgery fail to heal, chronic wounds can develop and lead to pain, infection and other complications. Using advanced wound dressings, negative pressure wound therapy and other methods, Dr. Amaya ensures his patients’ surgery wounds receive the proper care needed to heal successfully. Dr. Amaya also provides advanced laser therapy scar revision for remodeling scar tissue resulting from surgery and other medical treatments, whether the concern is simply of an aesthetic nature or regarding functional and mobility impairments.

Specialized Pediatric Care

Pediatric wound treatment requires a different level of care compared to the average patient, with variables and factors that need the attention of a specialized doctor and clinic.

Family-Centered Approach

While important in treating patients of all types, the presence and involvement of the family is an absolute necessity in pediatric wound care. Dr. Amaya understands that ensuring proper and thorough communication between the care team and the child’s family is critical in providing quality pediatric wound care.

Whether it is explaining a treatment technique, the risks and benefits of a particular intervention or the long-term plan for a child’s wound management, Dr. Amaya and his staff strive to ensure patients and their families understand their roles in the wound healing process. Our goal is to treat “the whole patient” by including and educating parents, and not simply treat “the hole in the patient.”

Pain Management

Pain levels and management can be difficult to determine with children, especially when they are very young or otherwise unable to communicate. Having a physician specially licensed and trained in pediatric wound care ensures a more comfortable experience for patients and better peace of mind for their families. We utilize every intervention that can be safely administered in an office setting to reduce the pain and anxiety associated with wound care treatments.

Special Needs Patients

Dr. Amaya has extensive knowledge on how to work with special needs pediatric patients and can successfully and effectively care for open wounds, pressure ulcers, infected wounds, cysts and more. Certain medical conditions present in children, including epidermolysis bullosa (EB), spina bifida and other special needs conditions require a specialized approach that can make receiving proper treatment difficult. Treating special needs children who suffer from paralysis, immobility or developmental delay presents unique challenges that Dr. Amaya is wholly qualified to handle. Dr. Amaya and his staff have vast experience with these special patients and understand the stress parents undergo when trying to take care of their children.

Dr. Amaya: The Pediatric Wound Care Specialist

Pediatric care is a medical specialty that requires education and experience outside of the normal realm of medical treatment to provide the proper levels of certification and professionalism required. Dr. Amaya and his staff have participated in extra training related to pediatric wound care and passed certification testing that qualifies them to work in this specialized field of medicine.

Dr. Amaya is a Certified Wound Specialist Physician®, accredited by the American Board of Wound Management. As one of the few pediatric wound specialists in the United States to have this certification, Dr. Amaya can deliver a level of care that other clinics and physicians are unable to provide.

Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists

At Pediatric Wound Care &Laser Specialists, caring for children is our specialty and main concern. With a staff certified and trained in pediatric care, we are capable of treating pediatric wounds with a level of attentiveness and expertise not present at other health clinics. If you would like to learn more about our services, call us today at 713-464-9776 to schedule an appointment.